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Business Loans at a Glance

Loan Amounts

Up to $5,000,000

Repayment Terms

6 months – 24 months

Payment Options

Daily, Weekly, or Monthly

Available Through

Kapitus & Our Financing Network

Business Loans 101

What are Business Loans?

Business loans are a type of commercial financing that provides you with the working capital you need to cover the costs of running and growing your business. Through Kapitus, you can access a range of business loans, all with customizable terms and payment options designed to fit your unique needs. From covering daily operations to expansion, our loans are here to help your business thrive.

How to get a Business Loan

Submit your application and one of our financing specialists will reach out shortly afterwards to start the process of building you the best financing package for your business needs. Once you’re approved, you’ll be provided with up to six options to choose from, each varying in amount, terms, and repayment schedules.

Select your ideal loan package and receive a lump sum of cash in as little as 24 hours.

Benefits of Kapitus Business Loans

Simple, Hassle-free Application Process

Because we respect your time, the Kapitus business loan application process is straightforward and built for real-world small business owners who need capital fast.

Our user-friendly application and minimal required documentation mean that you can get your capital and return your focus on what truly matters — growing your business.

Compare Up to Six Offers at Once

Kapitus takes the stress out of your financing decisions.

With one application, you can access up to six financing offers, giving you the flexibility to explore your options and make an informed decision that works best for you and your business.

Cash on Hand in as little as One Day

Time is money, and you need your cash quickly.

With our streamlined process and the expertise of our financing specialists, you can receive your working capital in as little as one day after the finalization of your loan agreement.

Top-rated Financing Specialists

Our team is dedicated to securing loans for small businesses at terms that work best for their budgets. Our unwavering commitment to seeing your business succeed has earned Kapitus one of the highest satisfaction ratings in the industry. Your success is our priority.

Getting Approved for Your Business Loan

Get Ready to Apply: Small Business Loan Application Checklist

Qualifying for a Kapitus Business Loan

Before we can get started with your business loan, we request that some basic minimum qualifications are met. These business loan requirements allow our financing specialists to better evaluate your eligibility and individual situation to find you the perfect financing solution for your needs.

Time in Business
2+ Years
Annual Revenue
FICO Score

Understanding Business Loan Requirements

Navigating risks is all part of being a small business owner, and we recognize that as well. This is why we must consider some important factors to assess the health of your business and determine if it’s the right time for you to take on additional debt. Here are the crucial factors we must consider and why:

Personal Credit Scores

Personal credit scores provide us insight into how you handle debt on a personal level, which often reflects how you manage debt in your business. If you have bad credit, reach out to one of our financing specialists to see what other options might be available to you.

Time In Business

Lenders prefer businesses with at least two years of operation since this demonstrates a stronger likelihood of success. With two years of operating history, lenders are able to see trends in your sales cycle which helps them to determine what amount, terms and repayment arrangements will benefit your business.

Annual Revenue

Consistent annual revenue is important to demonstrate your business’s financial stability and ability to make payments. We would never want you to take on financing that could lead to financial strain or a negative impact on your business.

Of course, these criteria are only a small part of what is taken into account when assessing loans for small businesses. A more comprehensive set of criteria that considers the business behind the numbers may be used as final financing decisions are made.

Want to know if you qualify for a business loan?

Speak with a Kapitus Small Business Financing Specialist to learn more.

Learn More About Loans for Small Businesses

Tips on Researching Small Business Loans

Before making a decision to pursue any type of loan, it is crucial that you do some research beforehand. Begin by deciding what exactly you’ll be using your loan to purchase. Evaluate your financial status and examine the options that are available to you, such as equipment loans, lines of credit, and SBA loans to see which best fits your business needs.

Once you know what it is you’re looking for, you’ll be better able to match a loan type to your specific needs. Explore various lenders, carefully considering their base rates, prime rates, fees, eligibility requirements, and customer reviews.

If at any point in your journey, you feel as if you need some expert guidance to make an informed decision, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

Do I Need a Small Business Loan?

Determining if you need a small business loan depends on your current financial situation and business goals. 

If you’re looking to expand, invest in new equipment, manage cash flow gaps, or seize growth opportunities, a loan could be very beneficial to your business. Assess your specific needs, evaluate available resources, and consider the potential return on investment. It’s essential to weigh the benefits of financing against the associated costs and obligations.

How Large of a Business Loan Can I Afford?

To find out how much of a business loan you can afford, it’s best to look at your annual gross sales, creditworthiness, current debts, and overall business health.

Using those numbers, calculate how much of a repayment you can afford and reasonably can manage. Be sure to leave some financial cushion to account for any unexpected expenses.

What Type of Business Loan is Best for Me?

Finding the most suitable business loan type involves matching your needs with the financing solution that fits them best.

Start by understanding why you need the loan—is it for new equipment, growing your business, or handling day-to-day expenses? How would you prefer to repay it—flexible ongoing access or set payments? Also, think about whether you have collateral and how your credit score comes into play. Consider where your business is at—newer business or established player? Your industry matters too.

Keep your long-term goals in sight. With these factors in mind, explore your financing options and choose the one that has the small business loan rates and terms that best align with your needs and situation.

Finally, consider yourself – the business owner. Specialty programs exist to provide working capital for businesses owned by veterans, minority-owned businesses, and businesses owned by women. While these are not all necessarily loans, they are options that can be considered during your research process.

Applying for a Small Business Loan

Choosing Between a Direct Lender, a Marketplace & Brokers

When it comes to choosing how to get your service, you’ve got three options: a lender, a marketplace, or hiring a broker – whether it be a traditional bank or an alternative lending company – whether it be a traditional bank or an alternative lending company. Here is how the process will work with each of these three options.

Lender  —  Work directly with the loan provider. This is the best way to secure a quick business loan to meet your financial needs.

Marketplace  —  Connect to many different options and online lenders through a platform. Be aware that this method will require you to do some research to find your best match.

Brokers — A broker is the middle-man between you and your funding. Give your broker your information and they handle the task of finding the right service and solution for you. This option will require you to pay for the broker’s services.

How to Compare Business Loan Options

To effectively compare your business loan options, it is helpful to focus on key factors like interest rates, repayment terms, fees, and loan amounts. Consider your specific needs, such as loan purpose and how long you plan to take to repay your loan. Evaluate the lender’s reputation, customer reviews, and eligibility criteria. Look into the application process and turnaround time. If you are unsure how to choose the loan that works best for your business, please reach out to one of our financing specialists. We are here to help you make an informed decision that aligns with your business goals.

What do I need to apply for a business loan?

Applying for a business loan is a streamlined process. Simply fill out the Business Loan application on the Kapitus website. We only ask for what is necessary to approve your loan.

You’ll need your basic information, credit score, and 3 month’s worth of your business’s bank statements.*

Here is an overview of the process:

1. Apply for your loan online
2. Meet your financing specialist.
3. Build out your loan terms and a payment plan that works for you
4. Receive your funds in as little as 24 hours.

*For businesses in California or New York, 4 month’s worth of statements are required.

How Long Does the Business Loan Application Process Take?

Applications can be approved in as little as 4 hours.

Receiving a Business Loan

Once your loan application and terms have been approved, you can expect the funds to be deposited into your designated bank account within 24 hours. 

To ensure a smooth repayment process, make sure you’ve set up your repayment plan according to the terms specified in your loan agreement. Consistent, on-time payments are crucial for maintaining a positive financial relationship. If you ever have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team of financial specialists. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

Using Your Funds Wisely

Making the most of your small business loan involves strategic choices on your part. It is wise to invest in areas that directly contribute to your business goals, such as investing in new facilities, acquiring inventory, or hiring additional staff. By prioritizing smart spending, you’ll build financial stability and create opportunities for your business to thrive.

What to do if You Were Declined for a Business Loan

If, after submitting your application, you are denied a business loan, then that does not mean financing is out of the picture for your business. You may need to consider other financing options and/or focus on non-financing alternatives such as grants.

Ready to Get Started?

Before we can get started with your business loan, we request that some basic minimum qualifications are met. These essential criteria allow our financing specialists to better evaluate your eligibility and individual situation to find you the perfect financing solution for your needs.

Business Loan FAQs

Applications can be approved in as little as 4 hours. To ensure that your loan application can be reviewed as quickly as possible, have all the information and documentation you need ready to go before you start your loan application, at minimum you should have 3-6 months-worth of your business bank statements ready to upload as part of your application. The number of statements required is dependent on the state in which your business is located.

Business loans through Kapitus are built to be just as flexible as the business owners themselves. Your small business loan can be used for any expenses related to running your business, whether it’s covering day-to-day operations or seizing growth opportunities. Working capital is just that: capital that helps keep you working!

Kapitus does not provide startup loans. However, there are a number of organizations out there that help small business owners with startup costs – from grants to credit cards to startup loans.

Each business loan through Kapitus is as unique as the small businesses they support.

While some larger loans may require collateral, some may not. Our financing specialists will work with you to find you your ideal loan with conditions and terms that best fit your business.

Our system is designed with your needs in mind. When you select your capital delivery method, you will also assign your business bank account to set up recurring payments. If you ever need to update your account information, our team is here to assist you every step of the way.

The interest rates for our business loans are determined after careful consideration through our underwriting processes in tandem with federal interest rates. Each loan’s rates are based on a business’s specific profile, so interest rates will vary.

However, if you take out a loan through Kapitus, we can assure you that the total payback amount will align with your means and expected ability to repay, guaranteeing a personalized and fair financing experience that works for you.

Not at all. Kapitus, along with our financing network, offers a rich collection of financing products, all with the aim of helping to make the lives of small business owners easier. Choosing Kapitus as your financing partner gives you access to a wealth of options from lines of credit to equipment financing. We are ready to work directly with you to find out what financing product best suits your needs.

KapitusPLUS is the premier method for comparing your best financing options not only with Kapitus, but with several industry-leading lenders and financing companies in our extensive network. KapitusPLUS allows you a full and unbiased picture of your financing options, plus the guidance of a financing specialist who can help talk you through your best-fit options.

Impact on your personal credit score depends on the type of financing you apply for. Some options WILL impact your personal credit score while others will not. Business loans will typically have some type of impact on your score, either through a hard credit pull and/or regular reporting to credit agencies once a loan has been secured.

Impact on your business credit score is dependent on the type of financing you apply for. Some options WILL impact your business credit score while others will not.

Yes. Responsible financing is always a proven strategy to improve your business credit. Demonstrating your ability to repay debt on time shows creditors and credit establishments that your business is reliable, honest, and creditworthy.

No. Early repayment is a sign of a strong business, and we celebrate your business success. Our renewals team is more than ready to continue financing partnerships with businesses who have demonstrated their ability to manage their financing.

Yes. We understand that small business owners use financing at all sizes and points of their journey. We look at more than just a business’s existing financial obligations and are more than comfortable financing qualified businesses with existing loans through other lenders.

Of course! As a valued client, we already have a deep understanding of your needs and the intricacies of your business, making the process for an additional loan even easier. Schedule a call to learn more about our robust renewal options and other resources.

Explore Other Financing Options

Line of Credit

Make the purchases you need to grow your business while stabilizing your cash flow and fortifying your short-term working capital. Line of credit offers come through members of our financing network.

Revenue-Based Financing

A fixed-cost, flexible financing solution that provides quick access to cash to address emergencies or take advantage of opportunities. RBF offers come through Kapitus and/or members of our financing network.

Equipment Financing

Get access to the equipment you need to run your business and remain competitive, without draining your cash reserves. Equipment financing offers come through members of our financing network.

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