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At Kapitus, our goal is to help you get access to the best financing options available to fit your unique business needs. Running a business is hard enough without having to deal with the complexities and inconveniences that come with shopping around for the right financing option. With the KapitusPLUS financing process, you can focus on running your business while we take care of the financing to help you do it.

The Power of Direct Business Lending

As a direct lender, we offer business loans along with other revenue-based financing options. We also know that, despite our variety of offerings, we might not always have the best option for your current situation. We have made it easy, through our KapitusPLUS financing process, for you to apply with Kapitus along with multiple other lenders and financing companies through one simple application.

The Freedom of a Trusted Financing Network

Because we know securing the right financing is critical to business success, we have built a trusted financing network of both traditional and alternative providers to make it easier and more convenient for you to secure the financing solution that best fits your business needs. Our process makes applying for multiple financing options quick and easy.

The Ease of a Single Financing Application

Save yourself the time, money and stress that comes with filling out multiple applications for multiple lenders. With one single Kapitus application, you are able to apply for multiple financing products from multiple providers all at the same time. You can receive up to 6 offers through one application, making it easy for you to quickly compare all of your financing options.

Business Loans

Keep your business running smoothly and ready for anything with funding for both short- and long-term needs. Business loan offers come through Kapitus and/or members of our financing network.

SBA Loans

Government-backed financing for well-qualified businesses in need of cash for operations or expansion. SBA loan offers come through SBA-approved members of our financing network.

Line of Credit

Make the purchases you need to grow your business while stabilizing your cash flow and fortifying your short-term working capital. Line of credit offers come through members of our financing network.

Equipment Financing

Get access to the equipment you need to run your business and remain competitive, without draining your cash reserves. Equipment financing offers come through members of our financing network.

Revenue-Based Financing

A fixed-cost, flexible financing solution that provides quick access to cash to address emergencies or take advantage of opportunities. Revenue-based financing offers come through Kapitus and/or members of our financing network.

Helix® Healthcare Financing

Financing products exclusively for the healthcare industry. Helix offers financing tailored to the industry’s evolving needs and challenges.

Invoice Factoring

Don’t let outstanding invoices interrupt your cash flow. With Invoice factoring, you can quickly turn your accounts receivables into cash. Invoice factoring offers come through members of our financing network.

Purchase Order Financing

Don’t turn down large orders because of lack of working capital. Purchase order financing allows you to pay your suppliers and meet customer demand. Purchase order financing offers come through members of our financing network.

What are the average minimum requirements to qualify for business financing?

Minimum requirements vary based on financing product type. Not sure what you would qualify for? Select Book a Consultation below and one of our financing specialists will be happy to help. With a bit of additional information, we can let you know which financing options could work for you.

  • 625 Credit Score
  • 2+ Years in Business
  • $250,000 Average Annual Revenue

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